Touching the Father’s Heart

Posted by on Oct 9, 2018 in Blog

Jesus stood in opposition, criticized by the pharisees of his day. Their offense was not in the premise of his acts, but the audacity of how he perceived his relationship with God. The intimate example Christ gives when we pray to “Abba” enraged the pharisees. How dare he called the One True God as “Daddy”. It was in that critical example that Jesus teaches how we are to engage in our relationship with our loving Father in Heaven.

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Prayer Points October, 2018

Posted by on Oct 4, 2018 in Prayer Points

This month we are paying over obedience to the Word, taking shelter in the Lord, and following Him. We are praying emotional healing over families and declaring generational blessings. We are praying for an outpouring of strength in our Educators. We for continued salvation of our state and awakening of His work in Arts and Media. We are praying for purity in our Government and a rise in His righteousness.

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Prophetic Words Introduction

Posted by on Aug 29, 2018 in Prophetic Words

God’s word always succeeds and prospers. His word never fails. We have the awesome privilege of being a part of God’s word succeeding and His accomplishment of His plans when we know and pray the Scripture and His true prophetic words.

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How to Eat an Elephant

Posted by on Apr 15, 2018 in Blog

As the old African proverb says “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

And so it is that a prayer canopy is stretched over a region. A seemingly insurmountable task. One that requires people of great diversity to come together, and work together for a common purpose. But it can be done with the right plan, and diligent adherence to that plan. It takes place one piece at a time; one prayer team at a time; and one hour at a time

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New England Region Pastor’s Gathering

Posted by on Dec 2, 1989 in Prophetic Words

Sons, truly, I have granted unto each one a vision.  And as I have hovered over you like an old mother hen would hover over her chicks, I have seen you take that vision from nothing and make it something.  I have seen the effort, I’ve seen the toil, and I’ve seen the abuse.  I’ve seen those things that you’ve encountered to fulfill that vision.  And, truly, I am pleased with the desire and the hunger to fulfill that which I have given to each one.  But know this: there is yet much in-house work that needs to be accomplished before the ultimate can become a reality.My people have to be updated, motivated and activated.  And as of yet, those things haven’t come to pass to the degree that I would have them to.  So, therefore, concerning the ultimate vision that I have given: it is time to back off from that a little bit and begin to deal with in-house things that I have spoken to each one of you about–even though you have a vision, and you’re looking to the future, and you’re looking to My plans and purposes.It is not time.  It is not at such...

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