Prophetic Words Introduction

Posted by on Aug 29, 2018 in Prophetic Words

God’s word always succeeds and prospers. His word never fails. We have the awesome privilege of being a part of God’s word succeeding and His accomplishment of His plans when we know and pray the Scripture and His true prophetic words.

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New England Region Pastor’s Gathering

Posted by on Dec 2, 1989 in Prophetic Words

Sons, truly, I have granted unto each one a vision.  And as I have hovered over you like an old mother hen would hover over her chicks, I have seen you take that vision from nothing and make it something.  I have seen the effort, I’ve seen the toil, and I’ve seen the abuse.  I’ve seen those things that you’ve encountered to fulfill that vision.  And, truly, I am pleased with the desire and the hunger to fulfill that which I have given to each one.  But know this: there is yet much in-house work that needs to be accomplished before the ultimate can become a reality.My people have to be updated, motivated and activated.  And as of yet, those things haven’t come to pass to the degree that I would have them to.  So, therefore, concerning the ultimate vision that I have given: it is time to back off from that a little bit and begin to deal with in-house things that I have spoken to each one of you about–even though you have a vision, and you’re looking to the future, and you’re looking to My plans and purposes.It is not time.  It is not at such...

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