New England Region Pastor’s Gathering

Posted by on Dec 2, 1989 in Prophetic Words

Sons, truly, I have granted unto each one a vision.  And as I have hovered over you like an old mother hen would hover over her chicks, I have seen you take that vision from nothing and make it something.  I have seen the effort, I’ve seen the toil, and I’ve seen the abuse.  I’ve seen those things that you’ve encountered to fulfill that vision.  And, truly, I am pleased with the desire and the hunger to fulfill that which I have given to each one.  But know this: there is yet much in-house work that needs to be accomplished before the ultimate can become a reality.

My people have to be updated, motivated and activated.  And as of yet, those things haven’t come to pass to the degree that I would have them to.  So, therefore, concerning the ultimate vision that I have given: it is time to back off from that a little bit and begin to deal with in-house things that I have spoken to each one of you about–even though you have a vision, and you’re looking to the future, and you’re looking to My plans and purposes.

It is not time.  It is not at such a place yet that the Church is mature enough to receive and walk in all that.  And so, they have to be updated, motivated and activated.  And when you do this, then you ministers are going to be released to do the thing that God has given you to do together.  It’s almost like you’re trying to put the cart before the horse.  In this hour I am calling you to evaluate your position, evaluate the vision, and begin to have the input into your local assembly in such a way that I can do what I want to do.  There are those–even here today–that have seen portions of the vision, but yet know not how to put it together.  I’m not going to give you those final instructions until the in-house projects are accomplished.

So, know this in this hour: I’m calling you to plow up the fallow ground.  There is some fallow ground in each one of these ministries that hasn’t been touched yet.  There’s some fallow ground that needs to be turned over.  It needs to be disked (harrowed), it needs to be fertilized, and it needs to be planted.  You’re not far from the thing I would have you to do.

Know this: no one has a position or a call that I haven’t given.  But yet, each one of you that has received a call has not seen it fully to the degree that I will clarify it.  So, as you begin to work in your local assemblies to do the elementary truths, the basics–then the other will become a reality.

Sons, you haven’t seen the degree of blessings that I want to pour out, even upon this region.  And even as the word had come forth that revival is going to come to the East, so it shall be.  And even in this hour I am working for those who are willing to submit themselves to Me, not their ambitions and not their goals and all these other things, but willing to submit themselves to Me.  I shall surely bless beyond measure, and I shall surely bring you into the fullness of your inheritance.  You’ll not be as one standing on the other side of the border and looking into the Promised Land, but I shall surely bring you into the fullness of that Promised Land.  You shall surely partake of the wells you did not dig, and the vineyards you did not plant, and live in the houses that you did not build, and occupy cities that you didn’t build.  I will have you to receive those blessings as you listen to Me, give heed, and establish those things even now in your mind. 

So, know this: it is a critical time for this state.  I’m calling My people together in unity.  You’ve felt the draw and the wooing of My Spirit.  Not only that, but you have felt the confusion of the enemy that would try to confuse and darken and distort that which I’m doing.  Give heed to the Spirit and continue to come together, continue to fellowship, continue to do those things that I’ve planted within your heart.  Even when you have to work against your flesh, continue to give of yourself and you shall surely see the vision come to pass down the road shortly.